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where i’ve been

Well, my poor blog has lain neglected for just over six months. In the past few years, such an absence would have been sure sign that I'd run afoul of some mysterious and prolonged illness or other. I'm happy to report that this time, that is not the case. In fact, I'm quite well! You may also rule out other culprits such as laziness (never!), boredom (ha!) and forgetfulness due to age (alas, I don't have a suitable interjection for this one because it's not that far a cry for me to imagine…

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if i can do it today - The Best Advice So Far - Barrel of Monkeys monkeys forming a chain across a blue sky

if i can do it today

I was a skinny kid with a big butt. Just calling it like it is. By skinny, I mean that I’ve been five-foot-nine since eight grade—haven’t grown an inch—and yet, when I graduated high school, I had a 26-inch waist and weighed 105 lbs. Alas, a disproportionate amount of that sleight weight was carried in the caboose. For a too-long stretch growing up, I ripped the tags off all my pants, picking the threads apart stitch by stitch with my teeth if need be, just to get rid of the blasted thing.…

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what if

“How are you?” “How’s it going?” “What’s new?” While I’ve often had full-blown, soul-bearing conversations result from my posing these simple prompts, the typical range of expected replies remains fairly limited: “Good, and you?” “Eh, you know…” “Not much. You?” I suppose these exchanges serve some purpose in social settings, though I tend to be aware of the ironic distance evident in these greetings. That is, I find it odd that we ask how someone is if we don’t actually want to know. Most…

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the best advice so far: up


I’m not a film critic—at least that’s not the point of this blog, though I do seem to have snuck a few reviews in from time to time (e.g., Beauty and the Beast, Singin’ in the Rain, Cinderella, and a few others) where they illustrate a best-advice-so-far kind of observation. Well, as it turns out, it’s another movie—Mary Poppins Returns—that has me posting again for the first time in six months. Why the absence? Well, I’m actually going to save that for perhaps another post. My mood is too…

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The Best Advice So Far: The 20-Minute Vacation - sunglasses reflecting palm trees over tropical waters

twenty-minute vacation

I'm trying something new today: a video post. All I'll add is that, after watching, if you are still having trouble figuring out how this could work for you and your life, get in touch via the comments and we'll brainstorm together. It can be done! And now, the video. Enjoy "The 20-Minute Vacation" ...     

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The Best Advice So Far - even though - black ink spreading out through clear liquid

even though

I was talking with a friend recently. I’ll call him Ralph here. Ralph’s relationship with his brother has been on the outs of late, and he was trying to understand what had happened and what he might be able to do at this point to improve the relationship. I asked a series of questions. This revealed that the rift had started when Ralph had voiced his stand (e.g., opinions, religious views, moral position and, dare I say, judgment) on some of his brother’s recent personal decisions. I asked…

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The Best Advice So Far - unplug (wall socket extension with too many wires plugged in)

unplug (kindly)

Let me say up front that this post may not be for you. Who is it for then? Well, it’s for people like me: who love people and whose natural tendency is to talk with and listen to others who tend to have high interpersonal output most of the time who sometimes find themselves running on fumes who need ways to unplug without resorting to becoming a recluse If this sounds like you, read on. There’s a funny thing about me. (Well, there’s a list, but I’ll tell you about one of them.) It’s…

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The Best Advice So Far - peepers - woodland wetlands in moonlight


Snow fell well into spring this year. So whenever a day’s temperate now peaks 50°, there’s a palpable buzz in the air that feels more like summer. As far as the eye can see, sidewalks teem with bikers and joggers, dog walkers and pullers of little red wagons. By the time essential work wound down this past Friday, I found myself facing a laundry list of domestic tasks that “needed” my attention, not the least of which was, in fact, laundry. But heeding my own advice to prioritize time for…

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