I’ve shared with you recently my suspicion that many people, upon hearing some of my stories, lean toward thinking I’m just making the whole thing up.  I’m going to go even further today.  Much further, in fact.  I’m going to tell you something that I don’t often tell anyone at all.

I am telepathic.

I don’t mean that I have a better-than-average ability to “read” people.  I mean that I have the actual ability to “push” thoughts from my mind and plant them in the mind of another person, and to accurately relay pictures from someone else’s mind to my own.  I realize that this is likely controversial; but in order for you to know me for who I am, you must eventually know this about me.

There is a popular notion in circulation that humans use only a small percentage of the brain (usually in the vicinity of 10%).  This same thinking draws the conclusion that, if we could somehow master more of our brain’s potential, we would be capable of extraordinary things.  Things like super memory.  Things like telekinesis.

Things like telepathy.

Well, I do not believe this myth.  We are using our brain capacity fairly well.  We just aren’t using it optimally.  The truth is, as I have finally revealed about myself here, you too have telepathic abilities.

Don’t believe me?  I do understand your hesitation.  It’s a lot to take in at first.  But set aside your skepticism for a moment.  I am prepared to prove to you the staggering potential you have right now to transport thought in vivid detail between your mind and another person’s.

I need not even be present with you to do so.  The reality is that thought transcends time and space.  It is on another plain.

For those who are willing, let’s begin the experiment.  Prepare to be amazed.

I am thinking of something as I type.  That is, I am holding a detailed picture of it in my mind.  Now relax and breathe deeply.  Don’t close your eyes (since you’d lose the ability to follow my instructions), but just let the tension in your body go as best you can.  Open yourself and all of your facilities.  Create a blank, white screen in the front of your perception.  It will now receive the thought from my mind.

A shiny red apple with a faint patch of green at the top around the stem.

You see?  I have proven my point.  We are both telepathic.  I was imagining a shiny red apple with a faint patch of green at the top around the stem.  And, through focused use of my mind, I was able to transfer that image into your mind almost instantaneously.

I told you that you’d be amazed.

Oh, I see.  You think I cheated.  That’s not telepathy, you’re saying with a roll of eyes and wagging of head.  You just told me what to picture!

Uh huh.  And why do you think that this is not telepathy?

Is either of us looking at a real apple right now?  I’m not.  Are you?

We aren’t in close proximity to one another.  I’m at my desk, and I don’t know where you are.  But I’m certain you are not here and that I am not there. 

Furthermore, it is absolutely true that I was holding an image of said apple in my mind, all the way over here at my house.  Then, not by random chance, but according to an act of my will and yours, your mind absorbed and held the same image that my mind had formed.  How is this not telepathy?

I think we are routinely dulled to the immense wonder that we have in language.  In essence, language exists as a means of thought transference.  Telepathy.  Causing pictures and ideas to hop from one mind to another.

Let the magnitude of that sink in.  We are mind readers.  Why do we find it any less wondrous due to the fact that we happen to utter noises or make a series of curves and lines while we’re doing it?

We are mind readers.

I made the assertion earlier that most of us aren’t using our minds optimally.  I stand by that.  For some reason, though endowed with this freakish power to transfer detailed information to other people, we go about not using this ability with the other telepaths all around us – at least not anywhere near our potential.

So often, wonderful thoughts enter our mind:

Feel that sunshine. Today is a ten kind of day.

This is the most delicious meal I’ve had in weeks.

I have the coolest mom in the world!

How did I get so lucky to have such caring friends?

It’s so nice to come home after a hectic day at the office.  It’s peaceful here.

He’s still awfully cute to me, even after all these years.

These thoughts enter, and then they fade away, heard only within the confines of our own mind for a moment in time.  What a shame when, by simple use of words and will, we can instantly transfer these thoughts to the minds of the other people around us – people I’m certain would be all too happy to share in our power of telepathy.

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