lemonade: for the ears

The Best Advice So Far - lemonade for the ears

At the end of February, I finished recording the tracks for The Best Advice So FarAnd at that time, I posted one of the audio recordings here on the blog —”Chapter 2: Negativity.”

Well, I had set a goal for myself to have everything mixed and mastered by June 1. It turned out to be far more than I had bargained for — over 100 hours altogether. Wearing headphones for hours on end, listening for “poppy” Ps and “tappy” Ts and “slushy” SHs, all while watching jagged sound waves on a screen. Listening to every facet of my own voice, up close and personal. Let’s just say it was no picnic.

But now I can have a picnic. Because I did meet my goal. At long last — it’s done!

And I am inviting you to my picnic.

The audiobook version should be available July 1, if all goal according to schedule (just waiting to have my best friend Dib come this Friday and record the Foreword). In the meantime, however, since we’re past Memorial Day and into the unofficial start of summer, I thought I’d share another chapter with you. In fact, it’s the chapter that inspired the cover of the book itself, as well as all of the branding for The Best Advice So Far.

You can listen to “Chapter 39: Lemonade” by clicking the audio link below.

The Best Advice So Far: Fresh with a twist - Try some lemonade for the ears.

And … if you haven’t yet got your first beach read of the season picked out quite yet, you can grab a copy of either the print version of Kindle version at Amazon (again, with the audiobook soon to join the lineup).