The Best Advice So Far - huzzah

I use the interjection “Yay!” a fair amount, though mostly in text messages.

Then there’s “Hooray!” which I say as well as write.

But far and away, my favorite exclamation is this one:


It just … sounds right (pronounced huh-ZAH, with the accent on the second syllable).

It looks right.

What’s more, it feels right, what with that buzzing double ‘zz’ and all.

It’s the kind of utterance that stirs speaker and listener alike, all but demanding a rousing stir of fist.

Aw, go on — say it. (You know you want to.)


I believe the first time I heard the word — or at least the earliest association I’ve made with it — was in an early film version of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge turns down his nephew Fred’s invitation to Christmas dinner with his telltale “Bah! Humbug!” After his ghostly change of heart, however, Scrooge shows up after all, upon which Fred exclaims, “Why, Uncle, you’ve joined us! Huzzah!”

And so, Huzzah feels Christmasy to me as well.

Need I further explain my penchant for using it?

Well, today I offer up a hearty Huzzah!

On New Year’s Eve of 2016, I set a goal for myself: to publish a post every week for 52 weeks. This post sees that goal fulfilled.

The thing is, this accomplishment isn’t just about writing.

You see, I’m a pretty determined and disciplined guy by nature. So writing a blog post a week isn’t necessarily all that big a deal in and of itself.

No, this Huzzah is a celebration of many more important things.

It’s a celebration of good health. You see for the year-and-a-half leading up to the holidays last year, I’d been extremely unwell, with a team of specialists unable to ascertain the problem, even as it daily worsened. Since solving the mystery on my own however, barring a couple bouts of recent bronchitis — and, of course, the black pill of death incident … oh, right, and the run-in with the hedge trimmer — I’ve had remarkably good health in 2017.

The return of good health brought back focus, stamina and creativity — all of which had seemed a distant dream almost, a part of myself long lost.

I take none of it for granted.

Meeting today’s blogging goal is also a testament to wonderful friends and family — and to you, dear reader, as well — for many an atta-boy, for sharing thoughts and stories of your own that sparked my imagination, for expressing the personal ways in which posts have encouraged you to make new choices or to remember loves lost, and for reminding me that what I do here matters.

So again, I say Huzzah!

Here’s to each of us creating many more reasons to celebrate in the year ahead.

The Best Advice So Far: HUZZAH

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