Today marks the end of my first month of blogging.  It feels like it’s been much longer, not in a rueful way, but in that there seems to have been more thoughts and words than a month could have held!  I’ve connected and reconnected with many, and shared real discussion that matters.  I sincerely want to thank you for walking alongside me this far.

As I set into month two, these are my wishes:

I wish to continually strive to exemplify in my own life the ideals set forth here.

I wish to be seen as genuine rather than merely smart or informative.

I wish to stay connected to readers in personal ways.

I wish for you to see the world and the people around you through new eyes.

I wish for you to better understand and practice the power of choice in your life.

I wish to inspire real change.  I would rather have a handful of people’s lives truly change because of what they have read here, than a thousand who visit  but remain the same.

I wish that each reader might not only live differently because of what they have read, but encourage others within their sphere of influence to do the same.

I wish that positive change in your life would be real, continual and lasting.

Onward, forward!  Here’s to another month of









and change.

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