It’s said that misery loves company.  Some might take this to mean that negative people have a knack for finding one another.  My own observations, however, lead me to the conclusion that negative people actually spread their funk to others.

They go about looking for fires to throw their wet blankets upon.

They bring their rain machines to parades.

They crash parties and … poop them.  Whatever this might mean in the specific, we can be certain it isn’t what a good party needs.

However, I don’t want to talk about the naysayers here.

I’ve had much to say about choosing positivity.  About being kind.  Making time for stillness.  Cultivating a sense of wonder.  My hope is that some readers are going beyond imagining what such a life would be like – to actually taking the steps to live it.  But it doesn’t end there.  Becoming a more positive, kind, peaceful, imaginative and loving person is only the beginning.

The people I love and admire most have an almost magical effect on others.  When they walk into a room, the lights seem to gain wattage.  Angry people quickly forget what they’d been so upset about earlier.  Stick-tight people get to laughing despite themselves.  Driven and worrisome people breathe.

In other words, positivity is just as contagious as negativity.  Misery may love company, but I’ve found that people will choose the company of the genuinely positive over the miserable or mundane every time.

The genuinely positive hand out jumbo umbrellas at rainy parades.

They dry wet blankets in sunshine while gently blowing on the tenuous embers beneath, until they once more get to crackling with warmth.

They turn up the music and un-poop parties.

The exciting truth of it is that this isn’t all that difficult to do.  The hard part is doing the personal work, making the choices that result in becoming a genuinely positive person, as opposed to a negative or even a neutral person.  From there, it’s a breeze.  All that remains to becoming “contagious” – is engaging.  Going beyond your peaceful garden or your quiet walk on the beach, and getting in the mix with the real people all around you.

Germs don’t try to spread.  They just spread, when people get together.  It’s what they do by nature.

The same is true of positivity.  Only people won’t mind being in close quarters with you.

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