the eyes have it

Pain, that is.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had constant eye strain, headaches and dizziness.  The last few days have been almost unbearable at times.  I’m fond of saying in these times, when asked how I am, “I’m great in soul if less so in body.”  And that is true.  Despite this setback, I am spending time with good people, still having adventures and generally loving life.

This morning, I just couldn’t bear to open my eyes any more.  I talked to Dib – my resident optician – wondering if she might have some insight.  “I’ve worn the reading glasses you gave me every time I’ve read, written or use the computer.  I just don’t know what could be wrong.”

“Put your reading glasses on,” she prompted.  I did.  “Can you see?” she asked.

“Yes, they’re very clear,” I told her.

“And how far can you see?”

“Far,” I said confidently, as if I were doing some great feat.  “I can read the book titles on the bookshelf across the room.  I can see the windows on the house across the street.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Dib responded.  “They’re not working anymore.”

I was confused.  I can see with them on.  How is that not working?

Well, it turns out that with reading glasses, you’re not supposed to be able to see past reading distance.  The rest of life should be a blur, or the lenses aren’t strong enough.  My current reading glasses are a +1.00.  Apparently, two years later here, I need a +2.00.  I went right down to CVS and got myself a (rather hideous) pair of +2.00 specs.  I looked at some fad book on a nearby rack.  I could literally feel my eyes thanking me, my tired eye muscles relaxing.

Ah, the joys of getting older.

First – what a miracle that we can just pop down to the corner store with a mere $15.99 and see again!  (I will certainly need to get another full eye exam pronto, along with some new general-use glasses.)

Well, this post has turned out longer than expected.  My real purpose in posting was to excuse myself from posting, to give my eyes and head a rest.  Oh the irony.

Not having expected to write the whole shebang, I don’t really have a central point for you.  If anything, it is just another reminder that difficulties and obstacles don’t have to control mood and upend our apple cart.  Eye strain and headaches or no, I can choose to find and focus on the good all around me – at least with my soul, if not so well with my eyes.

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