the lookout

In writing The Best Advice So Far (the forthcoming book and this blog), I can’t tell you the number of times I am greeted with comments and questions like these:

How do you keep thinking of things to write about?  I’d run out of things to say!

I’ve never met as many interesting people in my life as you seem to meet in a month.

You seem to have lived three or four lifetimes in one.

The strangest stuff happens to you!

You live a charmed life.  No one has your luck.

Someone up there must like you.

Then, of course, there’s the ubiquitous, “You’re life seems like a big, fat lie.”

I really do realize how it all must seem.  And I don’t want to be put on any pedestal (or numbered with the BFL’s of the world).  So I’m ready to let you in on the truth of it, once and for all.  Ready?

:: drum roll ::

I’m always on the lookout.

Yup, I’m afraid that’s the Big Secret I’ve been keeping.

I’m not waiting around for cool stuff to happen.  I’m going about my days with the intent of causing the cool stuff.

I’m not wondering when interesting people will appear and introduce themselves.  I’m stepping out of my way to meet people, assuming that they are all interesting and worth knowing.

I’m not so much lucky, as that I try a whole lot of stuff – and eventually, some of it works out.

And I’m not wracking my brain thinking of what I’ll write about next.  I’m just living like it matters (because it does), and writing about the natural results along the way.

In short, life isn’t happening to me.  I’m happening to life.

Want to know the really cool part?

You can, too.

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