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Top 10

Today, as part of my ongoing experimentation and learning of late where blogging is concerned, I was able to find out exactly which of my 132 posts thus far have been the most popular with you, the readers. The top two of all time were, surprisingly, two of the most recent. And there were plenty of other surprises on the list, as well.  So I thought I’d share the list with you — I mean, who doesn’t like surprises?

Here they are, in classic TOP 10 order:

onions cut in half vidalia
what vs. why

 One of my favorite personal stories of a lifetime, adapted from the chapter “People vs. Problems” from The Best Advice So Far.

pickles in a jar close up

 A unique approach to dealing with ongoing interpersonal tensions or conflict.

man with bullhorn
being right

 Much-needed personal assessment checklist for those of us who struggle with the urge to debate, argue or always be right.

two dirt roads crossroads diverge woods path

 Chapter 1 from The Best Advice So Far, posted before the book was even complete — the foundational premise to the entire book and blog.

footprints on beach at night surf and sand moonlight

 Personal story of a memorable night with a friend, along with important reminders to make time for stillness amid the “crazy” of daily life.

kind children kindness giving flower toddlers black white interracial
paradise lost

 A challenge to engage instead of isolate, based on observations on a plane ride where adults had it wrong and kids got it right.

mannequin lips flowers artistic yellow flower petals
something nice to say

 It’s not just about avoiding saying negative things; it’s about adding positive words to the world and the people in it.

dirty baseball in grass close closeup
swing and a miss: part two

 Tales of a car crash, drugs, and loss. You can’t always judge the effectiveness of your attempts to have a positive impact on people’s reactions in the moment.

big small dogs dalmatian chihuahua
the little guy

 A bit of a rant (which you all apparently resonated with!) on some things that bug me about self-important people, and a plea to remember what is important at the outset of new ventures.

shy embarrased apology feet sneakers fall leaves close closeup
short on sorry

 An ugly personal account that proves I’m not perfect, along with some self-assessment on apology skills.

Do you have a personal favorite? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below.

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