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This was originally an alert page for the live interview. I’ll leave the original copy, and then follow with a link to the full interview on YouTube.

If you’re free this afternoon and want to break out of your usual routine, I’d love to have you join in on this live interview event.  I’ve done face-to-face interviews, phone interviews, radio interviews – but never before have I done a live Internet interview; so it’ll be something new for me today, as well.

What will make it even more interesting is that I really have no idea what I’ll be asked, and the interview will be about 45 minutes. So I’ll be winging it. Should be exciting, to say the least.

Here’s how you can tune in:

YouTube channel:

Google+ Event space:

And if you miss it live, it should be up on YouTube afterward; I’ll be sure to post a link.

Wish me luck and see you there!

For those who missed the live event, or who’d like to watch it again, the perma-link is up on YouTube (it’s the same as the live event link):

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